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Experience Nature

Nature Workshops and Retreats. Hunting and Travel Experiences

for Men over 40 yers of age.

Find your answers
for the big questions in life

We invite you to connect. With nature. And yourself. Right on your doorstep, by a lake, in a desert or on a mountain.

Live a conscious and fulfilled life.


Idea 1: Men's quest in Sweden

9 day quest including 3 day break in nature

4 nights at Kynnefjäll Guesthouse.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner incl.


With our offers we support people in their personal development. Find more satisfaction, happiness, inner prosperity, health and a sustainable life in true harmony with nature and yourself.

Idea 3: Awake in the Wild

A day and night in the forest. alone with you

A journey into nature. And to yourself

3-day break in nature

be outside feel yourself experience yourself go wild

Idea 4: Individual nature experiences

From personal mentoring to individually planned experiences in nature,

such as canoe trips or overnight stays in the forest, everything is possible.

“I spent four days exploring Sweden's fjords with Carsten, far from any civilization, and I came back transformed. Thanks for a great experience in nature.”

— Björn Behrendt, entrepreneur

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