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THE SCHOOL OF HEROES - the quest of men

A night in the woods. Alone and deeply connected.
A journey into nature. And to yourself.

You feel …

Do you sometimes feel empty and tired?

Your head is full of question marks?

It's rumbling in the stomach.

Your emotions run over you.

Something is not right.

Welcome to Men's Quest

“There is simply nothing that can give a better answer to the big questions of your life than nature.


Every mountain, every lake, tree or stone, every animal you encounter touches your soul and invites you to listen to the great silence.


You don't have to look for anything, you will find it."

Carsten Dujesiefken

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."       Anaïs Nin

Anaïs Nin

Experience Sweden's nature as a place where you don't have to be or achieve anything, which welcomes you with open arms just the way you are.


Get to know and love yourself and your connections anew. Discover your own spirituality beyond  beliefs and religions.


Let yourself be gifted with new insights and experiences.

Recognize what needs to be done - or no longer needs to be.

Live your life from a deep presence and truthfulness.

Come back as the man you really are

True vitality shows itself not only as stamina but as the courage to start again

Francis Scott Fitzgerald


MenQuest is not a search in the true sense, but an opportunity in which you will find something new and rediscover what you have lost.


We will accompany you.


We are trained vision quest leaders, wilderness guides, canoe guides, mentors and successful entrepreneurs.


Based on our own experience, we support you in your walk into nature and what is new and wants to grow


You will go your own way. We create the right space for you, which gives you support, stability and community.

Carsten Dujesiefken  & Frank Robra

WHEN? 12-18.06.2022


Pensionat "Kynnefjäll Natur" is located on the western edge of the Dalsland countryside. The Kynnefjäll is an approximately 30 km long ridge with fell character: stunted pines, wetlands, forest pools and lakes. It is considered Sweden's southernmost wilderness with only a few small farms. For many years there was a permanent wolf territory.

The boarding school is open on a hill. In the main building are the dining room and seminar rooms as well as a guest kitchen.

The rooms are located approx. 500 m in the forest in 3 long wooden houses, each with 4 single rooms with shower/toilet, Swedish rustic and modern furnishings.

Near the main house we have a fire pit with a windbreak that we use for our outdoor gatherings  and will use our joint cooking sessions around the campfire.



The preparation:

We spend the first two days together with the other participants. We are outside in nature, clarifying ourselves through joint workshops, mentoring and exercises

our intentions and if there are any questions we want to take with us on our quest.


We search and find our own place where we will spend 48 hours alone with us.


Before our break, we will talk intensively about technical processes, security and other organizational issues.

On the morning of the third day, your time-out begins with you alone in nature.
After a good breakfast and a final check of your equipment, we say goodbye.
Now your very personal time begins. You will be alone at your place for 2 days and nights. You can basically set this up in such a way that you feel safe and good. We recommend that you spend this time under the open sky if possible. If it rains, you can of course also use a tarp or a tent.
You will be supplied with sufficient water. We recommend that you otherwise spend this time fasting.
All the time we stay close to you and are there for you if you need anything.
On the fifth day you will return to the base camp, where we will give you a warm welcome.

After a shower and breakfast, there is now the opportunity to share what you have experienced during the days of your break with the others and, if you wish, to receive feedback from us mentors or the group.

There is enough time to look at your impressions again, to classify them and to prepare for the integration of what you have experienced into everyday life. Together at the campfire or with yourself.

The following morning we break after one last
breakfast together again.

Basically, you can travel to Gothenburg by car, train or ferry. From there it is another hour's train ride to Dirgle, from where we will pick you up and take you to the base camp if you are not arriving directly by car.


If you would like to extend your stay in Sweden after the quest, for example for a hike in Kynnefjäll or a visit to Gothenburg, we will be happy to help you.

If you want to extend your time in Sweden after the seminar, you will find a variety of options. The cities of Gothenburg and Oslo with their cultural offerings are each only about 2 hours away by car or train. One of the most beautiful kayaking areas in the world is located on the west coast of Bohuslän. The small towns of Grebbestad and Fjällbacka, for example, are only 30-40 km away from our pension. There are numerous B&Bs and professional kayak rental companies for unique tours in the archipelago.


3 nights at Kynnefjäll Guesthouse. www.kynnefjä
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
5 day quest including 2 day break in nature
1150 euros



For your time out, you should bring along a comfortable base, such as a self-inflatable sleeping pad, a sleeping bag and rain protection or a tent, in addition to appropriately warm clothing for the night. However, we can also provide these items if required
Do you still have questions? We look forward to your message!
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