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Anker 1
A night in the woods. Alone and deeply connected.
A journey into nature. And to yourself.

You already have the knowledge and the solutions. And a great mentor by your side.

The nature.


Nature is not just a backdrop for a beautiful Instagram post or a large sports field.

It is also a mirror, a resonance space, a place to listen. A spiritual offer. If you want.


Wilderness, nature, forest, mountains, water ... as that is an inseparable part of our self, which can give us answers to the questions that arise from our hidden depths.


You feel …

Do you sometimes feel empty and tired?

Your head is full of question marks?

It's rumbling in the stomach.

Your emotions run over you.

Something is not right.

You know…

that something should change. 

Only what?

That you need answers.

But what questions?

Your soul will find its home in nature.

Get on your way. To your inside.
Discover the hidden, get angry, make peace, recognize boundaries. Cross them.
Get to know yourself anew. Waxes. Change yourself. Or just look at yourself totally in love.
Awake in the Wild promises you profound experiences in nature
Go your way  to more clarity, personal growth and deeper satisfaction
Wake up and get wild.


April 22-24, 2022

October 06 – 09, 2022


I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.

John Muir

We stand by your side on this journey and accompany you.  Together we will get you in the mood and prepare you for your great adventure.

With practical tips and equipment so that you feel comfortable outside. And with exercises and instructions that prepare your inner self for this journey.

We are experienced and longstanding process facilitators, wilderness guides and coaches.




Steffi and Carsten



We meet at around 10:00 a.m. at the base camp. The focus on this day is on clarifying your personal questions with exercises in nature. In addition, we explore the time-out terrain and everyone will find a personal space for the next day. Together we get in the mood for being alone around the campfire in the evening.


The next morning the special time with yourself begins at your chosen place. You spend a day and a night alone in the open air or with rain protection, fasting if possible. 

They are close to you all the time. If you need something, you can contact us

The next day we return to the campfire and fortify ourselves with breakfast. You will report to the other participants about your experiences of your break in a protected circle.  We listen to you with an open heart and share with you what we have heard.

Finally, we will pack your package together with what you have taken from these days and let go of unnecessary ballast and say goodbye.


Our time together in camp ends here.

Your awake in the wild process doesn't end there, however. On the contrary, it is only just beginning. In the next two weeks you will receive impulses and specific tasks from us by email. At the end of this time, you can arrange a 60-minute coaching session with us via Zoom, during which we will look again at your findings from the past weeks and exchange ideas about the concrete integration into your life.


Your Awake in The Wild experience takes place in the base camp of the School of Nature, which is also our home.


Our base camp is located about 30 km south of Hamburg in the Lüneburg Heath.

Whenever the weather permits, we will hang out around the campfire.

Alternatively, we have a large room with a fireplace and a large window front with a view of the forest

In the first two nights you will stay in comfortable single rooms in a hotel just a few minutes away.
You will spend the last night under the open sky or a tarpaulin in the forest.

With our support you will find a place for this in the forests of the Lüneburg Heath.


Price: 850, - plus an overnight stay

The price includes the following services:

  • Lovingly prepared wholesome food, also vegan or vegetarian on request. Whenever possible, people cook around the campfire.

  • Professional support from experienced coaches, also during the forest break

  • Follow-up package with email impulses and 60 min individual coaching  via zoom



If you are interested in our offer, your inner journey has actually already begun. We are happy to accompany you further!

Please make an appointment with us for a 15-minute conversation, during which we can discuss your intentions and intentions with you.

If you then have the feeling that Awake in the Wild is the right format for you, we will be happy to send you our registration.

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