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"We can only understand and change what we really experience and feel with all our senses"

Carsten Dujesiefken

Create connection

Companies and leaders are facing profound transformations and challenges at all levels.


Digitization, employee satisfaction and loyalty, sustainable management, climate and environmental protection, social participation are essential factors for a successful future.


Therefor  new approaches are needed to successfully meet these challenges.


We invite you to redevelop these approaches through profound experiences in nature, to complement linear thinking with circular approaches, and to combine technical and organizational methods with individual and organizational inutition and ancient knowledge

“Maybe it's not so much about completely rethinking. Maybe we should start acting out of a deep connection to ourselves and the world in the future.”

Carsten Dujesiefken


Perceive and act consciously

What if we made choices  for us or our company from a deep inner peace  and conviction? If we choose options not only based on metrics and analysis, but in resonance with heart, soul and a universal intuition?


In nature, everything works together and everything is closely interwoven. Only this exchange in an almost inexhaustible variety makes this planet what it is:  A beautiful, unique, powerful, resilient and at the same time highly complex system.


As humans, we have always been an inseparable part of this fantastic system from our origin. Not only do we influence nature, we are also influenced by it.


What if we consciously perceived these processes and put a partner alongside our cognitive thinking: the wisdom of nature and the knowledge of our ancestors about it.

Nature as a partner

We think learning from nature is a good idea. Be it in personal development or that of your organization.  When it comes to exploring or re-evaluating the deeper meaning of your entrepreneurial activity.  If you want more resilience and satisfaction for yourself and your employees. Or you want to recognize your green strategy through deep experiences in nature or consolidate it in the long term


Based on our many years of experience, we develop suitable workshops, events and incentives for you.


From one-day breaks in the Lüneburg Heath, vision quests in Oman and Iceland or wilderness tours in northern Canada. We will find the right format. Promised

Sustainability & Ecological Impact


In order to permanently and convincingly anchor ecological thinking and real sustainability in the company, it takes more than just technological and organizational skills and strategies.


From our point of view, successful implementation can only happen if all employees involved are convinced why it is necessary from an economic, ecological and social perspective to use natural resources carefully.


In the long term, this conviction is not based on cognitive enlightenment but on an experience-oriented and deep connection to nature.


For this we offer you suitable and customized offers


Purpose & Value

What do we really want as a company?  And what values guide us?

The fundamental and conscious orientation of a company along these questions is decisive for sustainable success.


A real discussion of these questions requires a good connection to the very personal and often subconscious decision and value spaces as well as an understanding of the actually existing collective and subconscious business processes. mumbo-jumbo? Not at all.


We create the spaces in nature and wilderness for you to truly deal with these questions. Far away from everything else.


Resilience & Inner Wealth

Nature is good for people. It promotes resilience and health, makes you creative, lively and happy. Everyone therefore seeks contact with nature. Even if it's just the bouquet on the desk. Countless studies confirm that the natural environment is a key factor in employee satisfaction and health.


Our offers motivate your employees to spend more time, more closely and more intensively in and with nature. In this way they create the conditions for healthier and satisfied employees and sustainable economic success.

Do you still have questions? We look forward to your message!
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