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12 days through the wilderness of Canada in a canoe.

“No one comes back from a trip the way they left.
Graham Greene (1904 - 1991)"

Dive into the wild. Breathe deeply. Feel. The sun, the rain, the wind.
Listen. Be in the breathtaking landscape. Be Yourself.
Become one with the canoe, the river, the axe, the fishing rod, the forest.
Sharpen your senses. Welcome and embrace any dangers. Feel your limits.  Enjoy.
See the beauty of nature. Learn the essentials. Challenge yourself, your body and the wilderness.

12 days in the pristine wilderness of Northern Canada with a canoe.
Paddle the river of your life.
Sit by the campfire and see your own world close up and from a distance.
The mighty nature of the Canadian wilderness all around you.



Your body is strengthened and trained by the daily challenges you face when paddling, fishing, setting up camp, making firewood and much more.

You paddle through rapids, feel the sun and the rain on your skin.

The campfire warms you when the sun disappears behind the horizon, with a cup of coffee in your hand you listen to the sounds of the forest. Beavers, caribou, bald eagles and brown bears are your companions on this journey.



With each day of your journey, your senses will become sharper. In the afternoon you smell the rain shower that promises us cooling in the evening. Out of the corner of your eye you notice every little movement on the bank that a young caribou has caused. You slide deeper and deeper into nature that surrounds you, get to know it, become one with it.


You feel the deep calm that resides in this stunning wilderness. The surrounding silence tells you stories of your life and invites you to embrace new perspectives.

  • Unforgettable nature experiences


  • Bushcraft & camp life


  • Canoeing, fishing, camping, campfire cooking


  • Tour with expedition character


  • Animal sightings


  • Self-awareness in the wild


07/10 – 07/24/2022


School of Nature Travel offers a 12-day river trip on one of the most beautiful rivers in the Yukon Territory - the Nisutlin.


We meet on July 10, 2022 at the campground directly on the Yukon in Whitehorse for a first acquaintance and acclimatization.


On the following day we will first distribute the equipment, discuss necessary organizational matters and divide the group into teams of 2 on the canoes. Afterwards we can supplement our equipment and groceries in the city and enjoy a last beer.

The next morning we start our approximately 4 hour drive to the Nisutlin. There we unload the canoes we brought on a trailer and  get us ready for our journey into the wilderness.


After just a few meters, after we let the canoes slide into the clear water of the river, the wilderness surrounds us.


During our next 12-day canoe trip, we will be gliding on mostly calm to very calm waters. Large sandbanks invite you to go fishing, sunbathing or to spend the night.


During our trip, especially in the evenings, when we have set up our camp and the food is ready, we have the opportunity for individual or joint activities.


Meditations, insights, storytelling and journaling, bush crafting, fishing, swimming or just sitting by the fire. Everyone as much and what he likes.


Carsten will give impulses in the form of short stories, suggestions or exercises that everyone can use as they wish.


Before departure, each participant receives a journal in the form of a diary, in which they can document the inner part of their journey to work with during the journey or later, or simply to have a nice memory.


After our shuttle service picked us up again on July 24th, 2022, the last day of our canoe tour at the agreed meeting point, we drive back to Whitehorse, where we either spend another night on the campground or check into the hotel to take a shower again and sleep in a real bed.


If you like, you can end the tour together in the group in the restaurant in the evening and reflect upon the experience.


The next day we part ways. Perhaps some of you will continue to explore this or other areas of North America, the rest of us will return home filled with many beautiful and inspiring memories and moments.


12-day canoeing on the Nisutlin including the rented canoe, life jackets, paddle, cooking equipment, food, safety equipment such as satellite telephone etc.


Individual and collective impulses, storytelling and exercises in nature upon request.


Maximum 8 participants.


The price for this trip from Whitehorse is 2,250 euros.

​30% deposit upon booking, the balance is due before the start of the trip.


This trip has the character of an expedition. It takes us through untouched and wild landscapes. Depending on the weather or other events, the original plans can be adjusted. Basically, we travel as a team. A joint effort  when collecting wood, making a fire or preparing food, you are expected to do so within a manageable framework


We prepare our food freshly over the fire ourselves, using wholesome organic products wherever possible.

We can of course accommodate vegetarian and vegan eaters.


People who want to experience untouched nature up close and perhaps need a new kind of anchor in life and use these experiences for their personal growth, greater clarity and satisfaction.


If you are interested in our offer, your inner journey has actually already begun. We would be happy to accompany you further!

Make an appointment with us for a 15-minute conversation, to discuss your intentions and goals.


If you have the feeling that this is the right format for you, we will be happy to send you our registration form.

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