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Experience Nature


Nature retreats & workshops

leadership mentoring.

You will find out in the free initial consultation
  • How you combine people into oneharmonious harmony with yourself and nature bring and with themhealing processes sets in motion as a nature coach.

  • Which profound experiences in nature help you to lead a meaningful and healthy life on all levels.

  • Like youYou independently lead retreats and workshops in nature as a certified natural therapist and thus take a new, fulfilling professional direction.


The path to a meaningful and happy life begins in nature.


Caught in the hustle and bustle of everyday life...

Overstimulation, stress, migraines and exhaustion – all accompanying symptoms of the hectic world in which we live. Muscular pain or depression are also often present. We lack grounding, connection.

We humans are genetically geared to the rhythm of nature and not to the hectic pace of our time. And yet we spend a lot of our time in it instead of in nature.

However, as soon as we live against our biological program, we harm our own nature. Then we are not living to our physical, mental and spiritual potential.

Help people find their origins again as a certified natural therapist

Direct experience of nature is a basic human need that is increasingly being pushed out of our everyday lives. It's time to change this.

If you want to lead a truly meaningful, successful and sustainably happy life, you have to go through profound experiences.

This requires answers to big questions like: Where do I come from? Who am I really? What am I repressing? What can be cured? And where better to do this than in nature, our true origin...

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Make your dream come true and work with nature

Maybe you already work with people and are passionate about helping them heal holistically.

You can already see the picture before your eyes: you lead workshops in nature and help people find balance and ignite the power that lies within them.

How can you turn your passion for nature into a career? This is possible with training to become a certified natural therapist. Become one of the first points of contact for sustainable change and living with nature.


Your advantages with The School of Nature

You find back to yourself

What you think about yours laterWhen you pass it on to customers, you first go through it yourself: you get to know yourself more deeply, recognize your values and know what to do to experience change on the outside. You feel connected and see the big picture.

You bring people into their full strength

You teach people how to connect with and learn from nature. You see nature as a role model. The physical, mental and spiritual potential of the person is awakened and the healing powers are restored.

You are reorienting yourself professionally

Maybe you are currently in a transition phase or a spiritual crisis and you want to find yourself again. As a certified natural therapist, you can live your dream job and help and transform people in nature.


That's what enthusiastic customers say


How you can build more contact with nature and yourself in 4 steps

The training allows you to go on a transformative journey and see nature as a mirror. You delve deeply into your inner nature and can pass on what you have learned to your own clients.

We proceed in four steps. In each of the first three modules you will gain experience from the physical to the mental and finally spiritual level. In the last module you will combine these experiences so that you can lead a powerful and self-determined life.

You also have the opportunity to take part in an exclusive nature retreat, where we will spend a week practicing and experiencing everything we have learned together in nature.


“I wish every person could get rich just once to realize that’s not the answer.” – Jim Carrey


About Us

Hello, we are Heike and Carsten, the founders of The School of Nature.

Originally we comefrom the business world. Heike worked as an authorized representative in an international company. Carsten was a manager and founder of successful companies in the financial sector. 

We actually noticed back in 2010 that this kind of life didn't make us happy, but it still took some time for us to have oneexperienced deep, spiritual crisis and we decided to change our lives. We asked ourselves where the depth and meaning was in our lives.

We feltcut off from nature and ourselves and saw that many other people felt the same way.

In 2015 we sold our company and traveled through South America with our son in a VW bus,paddled a canoe through the Canadian wilderness, crossed the plateaus of Iceland on foot and deepened our spiritual path in nature.

After intensive inner work, we decided to also offer other peopleto find their way with the help of nature and to go.

We are convinced that we can all protect ourselves and the world through oneconstant, close and deep connection to nature Be able to perceive, feel and understand better again and can therefore make a valuable contribution to a world worth living in.


Who is the training to become a certified natural therapist suitable for?

Would you like to take a new career direction or expand your expertise? Do you love nature and want to transform people’s lives at the same time? Then training to become a certified natural therapist might be right for you.

...or transition phase and would like to rediscover yourself and realign yourself professionally. You wonder who you are and what the meaning behind everything is. Once you have found the answers, you will also want to accompany other people on their journey.

You are in a spiritual crisis...

You already work with people...

...for example as an educator, yoga teacher or alternative practitioner and would like to accompany people even more deeply. You can easily imagine offering workshops and retreats in nature and helping people live a holistically healthy life.

Your current job doesn't fulfill you...

...and you want to reorient yourself professionally. You are already sensitized to the topic of nature and you care about the planet. You would like to combine these interests with your job. 

You know that... and consumption alone do not make you happy and you are looking for a deeper meaning in life. You long for a grounded life with more contact with yourself and nature.

You want to be part of a...

...become a community of like-minded people and connect sustainably with nature. You feel that The School of Nature can be the right place for this.

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1. Your entry

In the form on the next page we will ask you a few questions to get to know you better. Now I can prepare individually for our personal initial consultation.

2. Our personal conversation

In the second step we talk about your open questions and your potential. Together we will see whether training to become a certified natural therapist is right for you.

3. Possible collaboration

If we both believe that a common path makes sense, we will discuss together what your participation in the training to become a certified natural therapist looks like.

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