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About us

Welcome to nature

Welcome Home!

We are constantly searching. For something bigger. For recognition, meaning and a deeper meaning.


We try to control everything. Our life, our work, our feelings and our relationships. Nothing is left to chance


That is sometimes very tiring. We often get lost and overlook the essentials.


“What if everything is already there? Always, every day and everywhere!”
Our vision

People, companies and organizations are in a deep and conscious connection to nature, their environment and themselves and have new approaches and opportunities to cope with today's challenges.

What we do

We bring you into nature. We invite you to feel them and get to know them better. The wilderness and the originality. Yourself. We accompany you with our many years of experience in various formats from short day camps for first experiences in nature to multi-week wilderness trips with deep transformative potential.

Why nature?

Nature is our original habitat. We come from nature. we are nature What better place than your original home to contemplate the changes that are needed right now?

Nature does not judge, it lets us be as we are. It is a mirror of our inner being and can show us systemic and transformative connections in its complexity and can be a great spiritual companion for us.

Our team


Studied business administration, held management positions in large companies, founded and successfully sold his own companies.

His real home is nature. He is a hunter, wilderness educator, canoe guide, wilderness leader and certified coach in Transformational Leadership. Carsten is the founder of the School of Nature.


Is the linchpin of the School of Nature and runs our office. She organizes our international workshops just as routinely as she bakes her legendary bread with love on the fire at our camps.  As a hunter and wilderness educator, she is also a sought-after contact for our customers for all questions about plants and animals.


Social worker, nature worker, has been living with his wife and many animals on a small farm in Bohuslän, Sweden for 20 years. Trained vision quest mentor, pilgrim leader and QiGong teacher. Through numerous encounters with North American First Nations elders and sages, Frank has deepened his connections to nature and our ecosystems. He likes to share this knowledge in circles with other people."


Is a trained bank clerk and graduate engineer for forestry as well as a trained mountaineer. Over a long period of time he has gained experience in nature in the USA, Canada and South America. Thomas was the manager of a private forest management company for several years and, as a certified wilderness educator, is the contact person for profound and intensive nature experiences in the corporate context.

CARSTEN DUJESIEFKEN | entrepreneur and mentor

Something is not right.


When I got this feeling for the first time in my life, I was a successful entrepreneur and obviously had many reasons to actually live a permanently happy life.


But there was this feeling. Something is wrong in my life. I was cut off from myself and my surroundings, increasingly losing my inner compass.


During this time I saw many people next to me who felt the same way. Living in material abundance and yet so empty inside.


From my experience, people and nature are separated from each other in our society. Many of today's problems can no longer be solved due to this separation.  We no longer know our answers to the big questions of life, despite our prosperity we increasingly feel fear and malaise and actually know that we will probably destroy this planet one day through our behavior.


I am convinced that through a constant, close and deep connection to nature, we can all perceive, feel and thus understand ourselves and the world better again.


It has helped me, as well as many other people and companies, to develop a conscious relationship with nature again and to find the right answers and solutions with this connection.


That's why I founded the School of Nature in 2012.

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